Bear Paw Livestock
Commission Company & Order Buying Firm

Created by Jenny Buck
We are a North Central Montana Livestock marketing sales center, specializing in the marketing of feeder cattle, slaughter cows and bulls, stocker cattle, stock cows and replacement heifers.  Our livestock
auction sales are every Friday, excluding holidays.  We also have a spring and fall
horse sale specializing in all classes of horses.
As an order buying firm, we buy from producers and sell to livestock feeders, packers, and order buyers.  Believing in price discovery through an auction, we represent producers on the
Northern Livestock Video Auction.
Our livestock facility is capable of handling 3,500 head with extreme efficiency.  We have 1500 head
bunk space, where cattle can be overnighted.  Our facility has excellent livestock handling equipment
for pre-conditioning with a veterinarian available.  We are a family owned and operated business
and because the heart of our business has always been the people, you can be assured that
when you call on us today, you won't be disappointed tomorrow!